How you can Renew Your Car Registration Online?

Now RTA has announced that car registration renewal services are available only through online channels, many people have sent us queries to know how they can renew their car registration online? We have decided to write this post to explain the whole process in detail.

 You still need to Test your car in RTA Authorized testing centers.

It is a mandatory requirement to renew car registration in Dubai. You must take your car to Authorized RTA testing centers located at various locations in UAE. Once the car passes the RTA test, the next step is obtaining the best insurance rates.

 Obtaining Insurance:

You can get insurance online or offline by visiting any insurance company.  There are insurance companies located in RTA centers as well. Once the insurance is done you need to pay all the outstanding traffic fines.

 Paying RTA Traffic Fines:

You need to pay all the outstanding fines on your traffic file number. If your fines are blocked/locked then they can only be paid physically by visiting RTA registration centers.

Now you can renew your vehicle online.

Once all the above-mentioned steps are completed, you can renew your car online on RTA website or their helpline.

What we offer?

We offer a complete registration renewal service. We will pick your car from your doorstep and return it back to your doorstep. Our process is completely hassle-free.


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