Why you should not be driving a car anymore with an expired registration?

It was always dangerous to drive a car with expired registration in UAE as you are not supposed to drive any car without insurance and when you do this, you risk so many things. In last month or so we have helped a lot of customers in renewing their vehicle registration that were expired years ago. Most of these customers were avoiding paying outstanding fines and were risking theirs and many other’s lives on the road.

Why you should not even think of driving a car with expired registration anymore?

Once your car’s registration expires, you get a 30 days grace period and it is must to renew the registration in that period as you can’t drive a car with expired registration anymore on the roads. Now, traffic radars in all major highways are detecting expired plates and fines are not just limited to small fee that people were used to pay before.

What are the fines if a radar detects the expired plate?

You will get AED 500 fine with one week impending and there are black points too. If you don’t want your car to be impounded, then you need to pay AED 100 for each day of impounding.  So, don’t take that risk and renew your car’s registration today.

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