How easy it is to sell a car in Dubai?

It’s not hard to sell any car in UAE, if you have enough time in this fast moving city. Let’s discuss the best ways to sell a car in UAE.

1)Figure Out the Right Selling Price

You need to figure out the right price for your car. Don’t be over optimistic, just know the real value of your car. You can do this through Dubizzle, comparing same year, model, specs and options will give you a fair estimate about your car’s value.

2) Do the Basic Maintenance

To get most out of your car, you must do the basic maintenance. It is much likely to sell a car fast if it’s neat and clean and I would really recommend doing the detailing before selling it.

3) Take pictures at the right time.

You must take good pictures of your car. I would recommend taking pictures just before sunset or early morning. Also, try to ensure that you take pictures in good surroundings.

4) Post your Car on Dubizzle

Post your car on Dubizzle but make sure you never give any price over the phone. Yes, price should be negotiable but to only serious buyers. So, negotiation should take place only if interested buyer comes to your place and give you an offer.

5 Never take your car to people let them come

Interested people should come to your location to check the car and if somebody ask you to bring the car at their location please don’t follow this idea. Most of these people are dealers and they won’t give you the right price. If someone really needs to buy the car, he will visit your place.

Easy way to sell a car?

So if you are thinking how I can sell my car with out going through all the above-mentioned hassle then you can simply sell to BeepUAE. This is our sister company that provides best solution to sell any car in UAE. We buy cars for cash and whole process takes less than half an hour.


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